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The City of Pittsburgh
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Downtown, Bloomfield, East Liberty, Friendship, Greenfield, Lawrenceville, Oakland, Point Breeze, Polish Hill, Regent Square, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill and surrounding areas

The SOUTH HILLS of Pittsburgh
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Baldwin, Beechview, Bethel Park, Brookline, Carnegie, Castle Shannon, Dormont,  Mt. Lebanon, Overbrook, Scott Township, South Park, Upper St. Clair, and Surrounding Areas

The NORTH HILLS of Pittsburgh
All or part of:
Allison Park, Franklin Park, Glenshaw,  Ingomar, McCandless, Ross, West View, Wexford, and Surrounding Areas

Pet Sitting
all over the Steel City
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Pittsburgh's Premier Canine Concierge and Dog Walkers Extraordinaire

At WAGG-n-WALK.© our mission is to provide an affordable means to improve the lives of the four-legged family members who enrich our lives, through exercise, socialization and care.  

A walk with a pet may simply be a 15-30 minute stroll around the neighborhood to us.  To our pets, it provides healthy activity, obedience training, trust, companionship, exploration, bladder relief, and the opportunity to socialize; both with us and whomever we may encounter along the way.

Do You:


  • sometimes/often/always have to leave your pet(s) unattended for 8 hours or more, because of work and your daily commute?

  • have a job that can be physically or emotionally exhausting, leaving you with little energy or no motivation to walk or play with your pet(s)?

  • spend your lunch break rushing home to feed and/or let your pet(s) out?

  • have one or more pets that require medication during the day?

  • have one or more pets that are sometimes restless at night causing you to lose sleep or awaken from your slumber?

  • have a hyper or sometimes destructive pet that could use a positive outlet to expend their energy

  • have one or more pets that are overweight that and in dire need of additional exercise?

  • have an upcoming vacation or trip that will require you to be away and not want to "board" your pet(s)?

  • think the increased activity of mid-day walks will will keep your dog(s) in better shape, thus keeping them healthy and more fit?

  • believe an appropriate consistent schedule will keep your 4 legged family member(s) much more happy and healthy on the inside?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, maybe  WAGG-n-WALK.©   can help.  Contact us today to set up a free introductory meeting and see how we interact with you and your pet and if we can put your mind at ease, by caring for your four legged family member(s) when you are away. 


WAGG-n-WALK.©     e-mail:      Phone (412)400-6472


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